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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Unreleased shoes inspired by candy were worn by Stephen Curry during NBA Media Day

 A pair of Curry 10 'Sour Patch Kids' shoes were unveiled by Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry at NBA Media Day.

Sports calendar's NBA Media Day is one of the most underrated events. This year's tradition has been spread over several days for the benefit of fans and media.

It was yesterday's photo shoot and interview day for the Golden State Warriors. A new pair of shoes was debuted by perennial All-Star point guard Stephen Curry.

The photograph above shows Curry's upcoming 10th signature basketball shoe in all its clarity. Photographers have worked hard to capture its full details, we can see its full details. The Curry Flow 9 Basketball shoes launched Under Armour's Curry Brand last year. We know a few things about Curry's unseen kicks below. 

Curry 10 'Sour Patch Kids'

Curry's NBA career was pivotal during the 2021-22 season.

His first NBA Finals MVP Award, 4th NBA Championship,

and 4th NBA Championship broke Ray Allen's record for 3-pointers.

In addition, Under Armour released the Curry Flow 9 as part of the Curry Brand.

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