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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

The only Basketball shoes Stephen Curry wears are loud and squeak


Stephen Curry is somewhat known for being criticized by social media for the men's basketball shoes he wears, which have sometimes been criticized for appearing boring. Newer models have reduced those giggles, but one thing has not changed: they live up to their loud reputation.

Loud, indeed. In other words, the basketball shoes squeak quite loudly when they are put on the basketball court, which is by design.

In my opinion, one of the most important features of Curry's shoe is the squeak, according to two people who work at Under Armour.

In an interview with ThePostGame, Kort Neumann explained the things Curry wants in his shoes and why Curry was heavily involved in designing them.

Furthermore, Ron Johnson, a product manager at Under Armour responsible for basketball shoes, told Complex how crucial it is for Curry's basketball shoes to squeak. "The squeak test" is a prerequisite to any shoe design, Johnson says.  

Johnson said it is not acceptable if the player doesn't hear "squeak" right away after stepping on the basketball court.

curry's Basketball Shoes

Despite its importance to Curry, the squeak does serve a purpose.

The fact that the shoe is sticking in the ground, in Neumann's opinion, is something that he considers to be an indicator of "draw a line".

It is easy to imagine why tackiness would be valuable for someone who is reliant on movement and creating shots. This is what Stephen Curry gets from that sound.

It is easy to imagine why tackiness would be valuable for someone who is reliant on movement and creating shots. This is what gives Curry the confidence he needs.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

What are the steps to create a successful gaming app?

As an entrepreneur, we are sure you have noticed this rise in create a own  apps. At the same time, this event is also a sign of unprecedented competition in the market. 

  • In the mobile app development space, creating a gaming app is the latest trend. 
  • Numerous gaming app statistics have been released, which emphasize the importance of making a game app. 
  • On iOS and Android devices, 25% of apps are games
  • 43% of smartphone users use games
  • In the first week of purchasing a game, 62% of people install it on their phone
  • More than 80% of gamers make their own game on Android
  • Mobile gamers create android game apps free account for more than 2.2 billion worldwide
  • puzzle games account for 57.9% of all device gameplay
  • In-game content is more popular with women than with men
  • To answer the question, of how can a gaming app be successful, we will look at some ways. 
  • Building a highly successful gaming app would require you to determine the game type/genre first. 


Apps for gaming

The gaming space is experiencing unprecedented growth whether it is the number of active apps, the number of downloads, revenue generated, or the number of time consumers spend playing. It is possible to attribute a significant part of this growth rate to the types of gaming apps.

Apps for betting 

Around the world, sports betting is a hot trend. These apps become very popular when a match is ongoing, especially in soccer and cricket. Players also enjoy card games in this category. Despite being illegal in many regions, sports betting is now legal in the US, which has led to an increase in game developer demand. Vegas Atlantis and BetUS are two examples of these apps. 


Apps for adventure

Players looking for challenging gameplay will find these ideal. The best create an own game adventure games combine war and fast action with reflex testing and puzzle-solving skills while encouraging players to follow a character or become one. For example, Pokemon GO and The Room: Old Sins are examples of these apps. 

Apps that play arcade games

Game types like these are more focused on gameplay than content and character development. Many of them offer players create android game apps free short levels to cross, which become increasingly challenging as they progress. Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, and Subway Surfers are examples of these apps.

Apps for role-playing games

Players who love long gameplay will enjoy these games. Many of these games offer different journeys, lengthy storylines, multiple characters, and several hours of gameplay. Ragnarok and Dungeons and Dragons are examples of these apps. 

Apps for multiplayer online battle arenas

Each player maintains a character in these games played between two teams. During a MOBA create android game app game, the goal is to destroy the other team's base using computer-controlled create android game app units. These apps can be found in PUBG, Arena of Valor, and Mobile Legends, for example. 


These are the major categories that app entrepreneurs choose from when they decide to make a game app. In a few years, more apps may appear in this space, as it's still in a fast-evolving stage. 

You probably have an idea at this point of where you will start your entrepreneurial journey. But, I would like to reiterate that the competition in the gaming sector is fierce and to meet and eliminate this cut-throat competition, you would need to know how to successfully create android game apps for free to create a game for Android. However, your android app development with experience in gaming app development can help you get there, so let us save you some time. 

What is the best way to create a successful game application?

The key to building a successful game app is to partner with an iOS or Android app development company with a dedicated game team. 

1. Develop an idea 

There are 477,877 and 316,802 active games on the Play Store and App Store respectively. Although you have an idea of the category you want to enter, you still need to brainstorm your own game. You would need to see what is trending in the category, what people are liking about those apps, at what stage are they willing to pay, and what marketing efforts are they responding to. 

Creating android game apps based on thorough market research can give you a better idea of what your players expect. 

2. Tell a story

Gaming app success

Massive downloads of games like PUBG and Clash of Clans are due to the game's storyline. A successful gaming application relies on the creation of a story that players feel a part of and look forward to following. 

When you create an original game with a strong character and gameplay story, you're able to grab and hold players' attention. 

3. Make it intuitive  

If you want a game app to be user-friendly and easy to control, it is important to pay attention to its simplicity. The game shouldn't be too complicated for players to understand and navigate. 

It is also important to consider the multiple screen sizes and the platform-specific locations of virtual buttons when creating an Android game application. As an example, suppose a player exits the game midway simply because they clicked on an element on the exit button. Such situations can be avoided by developing a platform-specific app for Android.

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