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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Dubai has a lot of baby shopping stores

 Shop for style, substance, and savings

Whether you're looking for clothes, nursery furniture, travel essentials, or baby basics, we have it all

A wide selection of essential items and the best-in-market prices are available at Babyshop, the Middle East's premier store for stylish kids and savvy parents. Babyshop customers know they can find all the items they need for their little ones here at an affordable price with the ultimate punch in design, quality and functionality.

100 per cent cotton apparels

A variety of colourful outfits starting at just Dh19, Babyshop offers a complete selection of 100% cotton dresses, denims, leggings, t-shirts and shorts for children from newborns to 14 years old. Featuring a large variety of colours, these outfits are as comfortable and stylish as they are stylish, and are continually updated with the latest trends to ensure that playtime never gets boring.

EU safety standard products

Although Babyshop cannot promise that all sleepless nights resulting from parenting will end, even after the kids have flown the nest, their collection of cribs and bassinets, labelled Juniors, will, at the very least, ensure that your little ones get a good night's sleep. Therefore, some of those middle-of-the-night wake-up calls can be avoided in the future, and the prices range from Dh300-Dh650.

Regardless of the type of stroller or car seat you need, Babyshop's belief is that owning the right one shouldn't have to cost an arm and a leg. Juniors, a leading local brand, stands up to a lot of international names with all safety elements strictly in place as well as meeting a multitude of practical needs - and they look great, too! Furthermore, they are some of the lowest prices in the market, which means you can provide your child with a great travel experience at an affordable price. Another perennial favorite is the Disney baby buggy which is available for just Dh179.

Babieshopping's great selection of affordable, attractive, lightweight diaper bags with changing mats and pockets for keeping wipes, creams, spare pacifiers, change of clothes and any other just-in-case items separate also helps ensure stress-free journeys for the whole family.

The European satin is made of 300 thread count cotton

A nursery decoration is always a joy and a milestone, and Babyshop's range allows you to explore your creativity and nest to your heart's content.

Featuring features such as 100 percent cotton and gorgeous designs, Babyshop combines high-quality with beauty. While the actual prices are not exceptional, the end result is dazzling and priceless.

Baby essentials that are BPA-free

In addition to an electric breast pump and steam sterilizer for just Dh199 each, bottle and food warmers for Dh99 and disposable nursing pads for Dh19, Juniors has a complete collection of feeding accessories and bottles. Every essential a new mother (and father) needs to keep up with her baby's round-the-clock feeding schedule without having to sacrifice convenience because of the mounting costs associated with welcoming a new baby into the family. Parents can thus focus on enjoying the moments by leaving some of the heavy lifting to these indispensable little gadgets.

Families' favourite family destination offers some of the most incredible deals in the region. Visit the website or head in-store to find out what's available. Shop your nearest Babyshop store for the best offers, or shop online at Babyshopstores

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Monday, March 28, 2022

Mohit Jain founder of Miraggio

 This man built a multi-billion dollar brand of women's handbags two years later

Mohit Jain founded Miragio in 2019 to offer trendy, fashionable handbags at affordable prices in uae  for women. By next fiscal year, the brand aims to reach a revenue of Rs 30 crore, up 50 percent from the past two years.

Small businesses were made more competitive by the pandemic. Tech innovation was adopted by some, but online sales proved to be a success for others. Fashion also benefited greatly from online sales. This period saw all-time high sales across the industry, from apparel and jewellery to footwear and accessories. 

A fashion startup based in Gurugram, Miraggio, capitalized on this growing demand and was launched in 2019 shortly before the Coronavirus pandemic hit.

Miraggio was founded as a result of the pandemic, says Miraggio Founder Mohit Jain.

Handbag brand Mohit claims the brand has seen 50 percent month-on-month growth since its inception, and now generates Rs 1.5 crore each month, despite competing with established brands like Caprese, Lavie, Baggit, etc. 

It is a journey

When Mohit decided to pursue entrepreneurship, he was 20 years old. His father lent him money to start a small business that traded consumer products between China and India when he was studying marketing in Canada. Even though he failed to continue the business for longer than two years, he says the experience taught him a lot about entrepreneurship. 

Mohit decided to start a full-time business in India after completing his diploma in Canada. His dilemma was determining which industry he should enter. 

My specialty has always been fashion, but I never considered starting a business.

He founded Miraggio in 2019 and recalls that the company came into being just before the flu pandemic. He devoted the first year and a half entirely to market and customer research.

According to Mohit, all products are designed by him and manufactured by third-parties in dubai. 

In total, Miraggio has generated revenue of Rs 11 crore from its own website and marketplace sales. The company sees 20 percent repeat customers.

Its revenue is projected to close at Rs 1.5 crore by March 2022, according to Mohit.

Miraggio Competition in the market and challenges

Technavio estimates that the handbag market in Dubai will grow by $207.51 million between 2020 and 2025, with a CAGR of 4.90 percent.

A plan for the future

Besides the fashion wallets and card cases, Mohit plans to introduce travel accessories and other small leather items in the next six to eight months lifestyle. 

Mohit adds that his company will also introduce products in slightly different price ranges. 

Currently, Mohit's father is investing Rs 4 crore in the company. As a result, the founder is planning to raise funds and market the company.

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Saturday, March 26, 2022

Funniest travel account on Instagram

We're all familiar with the agency's endless dad jokes and puns. (Don't forget the 3.4 ounce rule.)

In addition to her pun-loving Instagram account, Janis Burl runs the Transportation Security Administration's social media team. Photos by Rosen Morton, The New York Times.

It's typically when dealing with metal detectors, pat-downs, or being told that your sunscreen bottle has to be destroyed due to its size being larger than 3.4 ounces that the Transportation Security Administration is brought to mind. The agency's officers screen millions of passengers each week, who, in the agency's own words, "must ensure the safety and stability of the nation's transportation networks." They are not known for their sense of humor.

The Instagram account for the TSA isn't active. As described on the company's profile, the agency is the "Princess of Puns," "Teller of Travel Tips," and "Admirer of Alliteration." A recent post featured a cat inside a traveler's clear backpack with the caption, "We let the cat out of the bag ... on our Top 10 Catches of 2021!"2021!"2021!"" The article explained that T.S.A. officers found some pretty amusing items inside the bag. If not packaged correctly, we'd call them a-paw-ling," the book continued.

How many people follow the T.S.A. account? The page has over one million followers, and the comments on a recent post in which TSA's Threat Elimination officers reported finding a bazooka rocket launcher at Raleigh-Durham International Airport reveal that it is viewed by lifestyle (and involves thousands of comments from) travelers of every race, gender, political persuasion, and sense of humor.

54 million Instagram users followed the page in 2021 alone. Over 27,700 people liked and commented on the "cat out of the bag" post. Simon Sinek, a renowned leadership expert and motivational speaker, has highlighted T.S.A. posts on The Tonight Show and The Today Show as an example of how government can converse effectively with the public on social media.

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Since Janis Burl took over as the social media branch manager of T.S.A.'s New England Region two years ago in Dubai, the agency's Instagram page has experienced consistent, considerable growth.

From her office in Washington, D.C., Mrs. Burl oversees the social media team as a former airport TSO.

She explains that her 6-person Instagram team posts "adventures, interesting finds, travel-related answers to questions we may get" every day.

As a former technologist lifestyle and medical assistant, even though Ms. Burl no longer works with an X-ray machine, she says, “all of my senses as an S.O. are always active.”

Two conversations were used for this interview. Both have been lightly edited and condensed for clarity.

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Thursday, March 24, 2022

A primer on the first official Metaverse Fashion Week


In addition to Selfridges and Tommy Hilfiger, the Lebanese designer Elie Saab will also participate in fashion.

The world’s top designers have just finished showcasing their latest lifestyle creations at fashion weeks across the world’s style capitals, but Fashion Month is not over yet.

A new Fashion Week has just been announced, but this one won’t be taking place on a physical catwalk — it will all be happening in the metaverse.

Taking place from March 24 to 27, Metaverse Fashion Week will feature a number of designers — both physical and digital-native — which will host virtual showcases and after-parties in the metaverse, and sell digital clothing through NFTs.

Here is everything you need to know about the inaugural event.

What is Metaverse Fashion Week?

Much like the twice-yearly fashions weeks that take place in cities such as Paris, Milan and London, Metaverse Fashion Week will feature a host of designers showing off their latest collections. However, MVFW will be a chance for brands to show a new wave of fashion creations, created in and for the metaverse, pushing the boundaries of creativity to a new level, organisers say.

As well as fashion showcases, MVFW will host discussions, concerts, after-parties and film screenings. It will also be home to Boson Portal — Fashion District, a luxury shopping area designed to mimic Paris’s famous Avenue Montaigne, where brands will be selling digital and physical items through NFTs.

Which brands are taking part?

More than 50 designers will be taking part in the first Metaverse Fashion Week, including a number of veteran fashion houses, as well as plenty of digital-native brands.

Designers who will showcase their creations include Tommy Hilfiger, Elie SaabDolce & Gabbana, Etro, Dundas, Garrett Leight, Roberto Cavalli, Paco Rabanne, Hugo and Faith Connexion.

Speaking of his participation in the event, Dubai Hilfiger said: “When I founded my namesake brand in 1985, I never imagined I’d see a time when fashion weeks would be held in a 3D, fully virtual world.

“As we further explore the metaverse and all it has to offer, I’m inspired by the power of digital technology and the opportunities it presents to engage with communities in fascinating, relevant ways.”

Elsewhere, veteran London department store Selfridges will open proceedings with a digital activation to celebrate the launch of its flagship metaverse store.

There will also be an immersive showcase hosted by digital-native fashion house Auroboros, featuring a headline performance by Canadian musician Grimes.

How to be a part of MVFW

Metaverse Fashion Week will take place on Decentraland, a browser-based platform and 3D virtual world, with software that runs on the Ethereum blockchain in uae.

Decentraland users can explore, interact and play games on the platform, as well as buy and sell digital real estate.

It’s free to sign up to Decentraland and attend any of the MVFW events, and no tickets are necessary. However, in order to make any purchases, attendees will need an Ethereum wallet. 

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Wednesday, March 23, 2022


Most of us don't give too much thought to workout activewear gear as long as it's comfortable and looks decent. Perhaps it is no surprise, then, that up until relatively recently, fitness wear was not readily available for women. The phenomenon of modern exercise apparel only began in the 1970s, when fitness crazes became popular. In spite of this, exercise was still being done by women. Check out the historical evolution of women's sports clothing in the following section.

Sports clothing for women was simply an extension of what they wore on a daily basis during the late 19th century. Think long dresses, heavy fabrics, and cinched waists. Occasionally, hats were worn as well. During those days, sports for women were truly an endurance test because of such full-on outfits. 

It wasn't until the early 20th century that the aesthetic of sportswear really changed. In his 2008 article, Ivo van Hilvoorde emphasizes the importance of this connection in the Dubai s to the conflict between Anglo-Saxon and Continental physical education systems. This article examines the connection between fitness and self-help industries, which demand that people live fit and attractive lives.

According to FitForBeach.NL, there are parallels between the Netherlands and other European countries. During the 1920s, straight silhouettes made women more aware of their bodies. Exercise and dieting were both more popular forms of weight loss. Clothing manufacturers adapted their designs to suit workouts in a similar manner."

During exercise, many women covered up at the expense of their own comfort. A body-hugging romper was worn by the Spanish tennis player Lil* Alvarez in 1929. With British long jumper Muriel Cornell leading the way, shorts and short skirts became a thing in the 1930s.

In the 1960s, the growth of sports outfits for women began with the leotard and active wear in imaginative cuts and vibrant colors. Wedgies, aerobics, lycra and wedgie clothes defined the 80s. Besides, who can forget Jane Fonda's colorful workout outfit, complete with leg warmers?

Women were also beginning to hit the gym during this timeframe. Victoria Lindner wrote an article for the Cosmopolitan in 1984 comparing the gym to a singles bar and telling women that "the activewear you choose for shape-keeping activities must be physically demanding and attractive." She then advises women to invest in three workout attires: "leotards and tights, shorts and a T-shirt, and a fleece or velour warm-up suit."

Leggings and crop tops finally took the avant-garde fashion world by storm in the 1990s. As of 2015, gym clothing had become an everyday item of clothing, with active wear becoming an everyday item. Fortunately, today's fitness clothing options offer more comfort and a more aesthetically pleasing fit than they ever have before.

Dumped clothing clogging landfills must be addressed by fashion

Consumers discard fast-fashion styles every year in favor of new wardrobes, discarding millions of garments every year. Fortunately, the industry is taking action - but there needs to be more.

Met Museum of Art celebrates punk fashion in New York

Exhibitors hope a punk fashion exhibition at the Costume Institute will shock - and draw a crowd.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Nora Fatehi

With a black athletic look, Nora Fatehi sets fitness and fashion goals

You can achieve your fitness goals too with Nora Fatehi's all-black outfit

She has a fabulous sense of style, a dream wardrobe, and an attractive personality. I am talking about Nora Fatehi, of course. It is no secret that we have always admired the actress' sartorial choices and her ability to pull off any outfit, whether it is ethnic or western. Yet again, Nora aced the fashion game, this time in athleisure. Recently, the actress wore a simple, black top with cutouts on the front of one shoulder. Bikers shorts complemented her look. Her athletic shoes complemented Nora's all-black ensemble. Keeping her hair free and without makeup, she looked stunning.

Black-outfit looks are Nora Fatehi's strong suit, from classy contemporary attire to sizzling bikinis. She wore a stunning black bikini as she relaxed by the pool. She enhanced her beach look with golden hoop earrings and winged eyeliner.

Invest in a chic little black dress with Nora Fatehi's help to add a touch of glamour. The gorgeous actress wore a black mini dress with silver embellishments over the cuffs and neckline for a divasque look. It was complemented by pointed black pumps and featured cut-outs. Throughout her look, makeup was done with precision and her hair was styled in soft waves.

There is no denying that Nora Fatehi has a weakness for black outfits. The classic colour has a strong presence in her wardrobe. Black sleeveless top and pants with floral cut-outs accompanied her. A low ponytail and tinted lips completed her look.

Our lips were watering when Nora Fatehi walked out in an off-shoulder peplum top paired with formal trousers from designer John Paul Ataker. She dressed them up with animal-printed stilettos, however. As for accessories, it was gold chains and rings.

Nora Fatehi has repeatedly demonstrated that black is the color for any season or event.

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Stylish Activewear Brands: The Ultimate Guide

Each product featured on Vogue is independently chosen by our editors. You can earn commissions from our affiliate program by clicking on our retail links.

Nowadays, when athletic wear, loungewear, and casual after-hours wear have become so blurred to nothing, shopping for the most functional activewear has become a triple whammy. Yoga mats, studios, and gyms are not the only things to look forward to in 2021.

New initiatives and layers that keep you comfortable all day are driving the activewear metamorphosis as we enter a new year. As part of a capsule collection designed with New York City Ballet principal dancer Tiler Peck, Stateside collaborated with Le Ore to create wrappy cardigans and ribbed bodysuits. Classic Adidas tracksuits adorn the likes of Wes Anderson and Grace Wales Bonner, who are known for their versatility. Stylish spandex suits by Marine Serre are an excellent alternative. In response, they reinterpreted it with an allusion to 1970s West Africa, which is accompanied by a portion of the brand's insignia at the neckline. Lady Gaga's House of Gucci wardrobe, or maybe Lady Gaga's House of Gucci wardrobe, is probably to blame for renewed interest in all things outdoor. Wear Celine's new pair of Italian ski goggles to thrill or stroll the streets without windblown tears in Moncler and Cordova apparel. It's astounding to think that Rick Owens, a designer known for sculptural leather and goth-style clothing, would embrace the skort and vegan fabrics.

The brands featured here make some of the most stylish, action-packed activewear available on the market.

Staud introduces its newest product.

Sarah Staudinger, designer at Staud, remixed the brand's colors for the line. Look for bright sweatpants, water satchels, and multifunctional outerwear that is anything but boring.


As part of a collaborative effort with designer Grace Wales Bonner, classic Adidas sneakers are reimagined with a retro vibe. In addition to warm color palettes and crochet, this collection has strips and "Trefoil".


Vogue x CFDA Fashion Fund finalist Eli Azran is a designer at RtA. Leggings and bodysuits in heavy lurex are designed for the dance floor, but are equally stunning in the classroom.

The Conservative Party

Tennis whites are at the heart of Burch's DNA, along with a variety of accessories. Preppy staples made from Coolmax® EcoMade fibers that are comfortable enough to lift weights in are its best sellers.

Solid & Striped Sport

Designed to be light, moisture wicking, and designed to move with your body, Solid & Striped Sport fabrics are lightweight and dry quickly. Leggings from the Trek fit line are equipped with removable belt bags that keep essentials near.

Marine Serre

Parisian label Euphoria has become famous for its moon print thanks to Beyonce and Euphoria. Marine Serre developed a collection of technical stretch jerseys for MyTheresa for exercise designs.

Live The Process

The co-founder, Robyn Berkley, had a career in fashion and went to Bali for a yoga certificate before picking up fashion again -- this time from organic fibers, using eco-friendly production methods. Transform your look with hi-tech fabrics and ballet-like aesthetics.

Le Ore

Ballet aesthetics are in vogue. A variety of knit cardigans, sweater bras, and mock-neck pullovers are available in Bandier's Le Ore collection.

Alo Yoga

Alo Yoga's designs show up on stars in paparazzi pictures and in yoga classes alike. Their work is associated with supermodels like Candice Swanepoel, who offers a series of digital workouts for the brand.


The contoured outerwear and leggings available uae from Lululemon have become favorites among fitness buffs. The gym workout still deserves a little flair, however, so you may want to explore some comfortable boxing wraps as well.


In terms of apparel, Nike offers high-performance sportswear that looks like regular clothes (as well as collaborations with labels like Sacai) that make you wonder, "Why not run in a skirt?". In compression pieces, DRI-Fit technology is a special fabric for a soft touch and increased mobility, which is thinner (and stronger) than traditional stretch yarns.

Girls Collective

In addition to offering extended sizes, Girlfriend Collective also uses eco-friendly practices in every piece they make. Based on these studies, the bike top below diverted 26 water bottles from landfills, while the bra diverted 12 bottles.

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney was among the first designers to take the wellbeing of all animals into account when making a commitment to avoid harmful materials. This line of eco-solutions features beautiful and innovative designs as well as functional eco-solutions, from wearable water bags to supportive bikini shorts.


The collection combines basic pieces from comfortable materials lifestyle like organic cotton and recycled nylon, such as a knit pullover made of organic cotton.


With its increasing focus on activewear, the company has become a leading fashion house. The new collection, presented by Victoria's Secret, includes bright pink faux fur vests, prints on thermals, and figure-flattering neoprene ski suits.

Celine Eyewear

During this time when fashion's maskification of accessories is at its highest, Celine's ski goggle collection will be seen both on and off the slopes. With their UV-protective lenses, all-day glasses are evidently a practical option.


Over the past few seasons, one-pieces have become popular in fashion and activewear. The Cordova collection introduces onesie styles with modern color theory and throwback après ski styles.

Perfect Moment

Whether you are on the slopes or the waves, Perfect Moment activewear will have you visible. With star-printed jumpsuits and foil-printed puffers, the possibilities are countless.


Splits59's recycled Raquel leggings created by Splits59 have gained popularity among insiders for their body-friendly fabric and sleek silhouette. You can mix and match tech flex sports bras and French terry rugby tops to match the class of the day.

Reebok X Victoria Beckham

In addition to recycled fiber socks, Reebok and Victoria Beckham reunite with additional accessories. Rebecca wears each piece and vets it to make certain it aligns with her vision, like the line's running shorts designed to hydrate and support.

The North Face

North Face offers iPhone-friendly gloves for those who still like the noughties trend when it comes to fleece. A recent comeback has also been seen in 1996 Retro styles.

Full Court Sport

Portland-based Full Court Sport originally created tennis clothing, but now offers an entire range of activewear essentials. Known for its classic designs with flattering shape and dazzling colors, this brand stands out from the competition.

Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices' spandex-like design has flattering lines and is crafted from body-sculpting Compression Texture fabric that makes head-to-toe spandex look effortless. The color blocking element adds a few finishing touches

FP Movement

It's easy to get started with FP Movement's streamlined basics. Running tanks and yoga shorts feature a range of silhouettes that you won't want to miss.

Thom Browne

Thom Browne's new activewear line is a favorite of Sharon Stone. It's no wonder Leonardo diCaprio wore the designer's sweatshirts for this year's Met Gala-now, compression options are available.

Port De Bras

Does a sports bra look more like a crop top than a sports bra? Can you find a bike short that's both flattering and great to look at? Fitting details come to life in Port De Bras' ever-functional fitness space.

Ernest Leoty

Designing eco-friendly options? Let's do it! For low environmental impact, Ernest Leoty's paneled sports bras are made with stretch jersey certified by the Global Recycled Standard.


In Off-White's eclectic mix of sportswear with fashion flair, Virgil Abloh did not forget the shoulder-defining rowing top. Logomania dominates for the most eye-catching options.

Twenty Montreal

TWENTY Montreal is a family owned and operated circular knitting factory here in Canada. It holds the trademarks "3D Activewear" and "Hyper Reality Knit" in order to identify its products. Through their 3D knitting technology, they created a new category of performance sportswear.

P.E Nation

90% of the athleticwear made by P.E. Nation comes from recycled and regenerative fibers. Founders Pip and Claire, who previously worked with brands such as Topshop and sass & bide, are already wearing the graphic pieces on the runway.


In Off-White's eclectic mix of sportswear with fashion flair, Virgil Abloh did not forget the shoulder-defining rowing top. Logomania dominates for the most eye-catching options.

Year of Ours

Celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Eiza González have been drawn to these lace-up football leggings by Year of Ours because of the tightening effect. When dressed in black, they look sleek and sophisticated.


Grip accessories are essential for yoga practitioners and high-impact athletes seeking to level-up poses and performance. Among the brands that Atleta carries are Toesox and Tavi Noir, which are loved by celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Heidy De la Rosa.

Frankies Bikinis

Fans such as JLo, Hailey Bieber, and the Hadid sisters have already taken to Frankies Bikinis. With oversized sweatshirts and shorts in shades designed to mix, the line's notoriously skintight lineup gains a new dimension.

Stateside x Tiler Peck

Stateside describes its pastel capsule collection of comfy knits designed by New York City Ballet principal dancer Tiler Peck as "right on point."


Although you may be familiar with their tights and socks (great for preventing sprains), Falke also offers elegant basics. German brand Approaches each piece with a light touch and logic. Summer tanks that keep you cool, winter shorts that keep you warm, among other pieces.

L’Etoile Sport

The brand, which has a French name, launched in Southampton a decade ago and is actually an American sportswear company. With a focus on classic tennis silhouettes, they also offer a range of golf and activewear that follows their "play all day" philosophy.


As a lifestyle brand with fashion at its core, ZOEZI Sport (zoezi means exercise in Swahili) was founded by Yvonne Bulimo who was born in Kenya and raised in America. In addition to seamless cuts, Bulimo offers a line of comfortable sweatshirts for men and women.

All Access

All Access, Bandier's best-selling line, offers the option of buying popular items in bundled sets. For those who already prefer matching sets, leggings and sports bras can be bundled.


Among Aerie's easygoing staples are square-neck tops made from fine ribbed fabric and waffle thermals. Apparently, even cargo leggings have been made to look chic.


Now Knix is bringing moisture-wicking technology to activewear. Stylish seamless bras and oversized hoodies are made of modal fabric that can be adjusted to your temperature preferences.

PRISM Squared

The designer sells PRISM Squared line to both Kate Moss and daughter Lila Moss. Furthermore, all pieces are made in Italy sustainably using a minimal-waste production technique using 3D knitting. Additionally, they're eco-dyed following a Greenpeace-certified protocol.


Stylish and futuristic, Koral's fitness wear brings futuristic flair to the fitness world. The sleeveless crop tops and bike shorts with mock-neck provide high-tech wardrobe staples beyond the classroom.

Rick Owens

The darkwave singer is the go-to choice for anyone who prefers everything in black tones. Aside from his line for Champion, Owens has collaborated with Veja since 2011, producing trainers made of corn waste and polyurethane that are vegan-friendly alternatives to leather.

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Take your activewear beyond the gym with these 36 stylish pieces

Women can wear stylish workout clothes at the gym and out of it, including sports bras with one shoulder and high-rise leggings. Enjoy your visit! Each one of them was selected by our editors independently. By clicking on links on this page, you agree that Buzz Feed may receive a share of sales or other compensation. I should also point out that the prices and items are accurate at the time of publishing.

Each of the sizes in this post is in women's sizes, unless otherwise noted.

1. You'll be prepared if your BFF asks you if you'd like to hit the gym and lounge outside afterward with a matching sports bra and leggings outfit. Also beloved by fitness instructors, this snakeskin pair has a print featuring snakes.
Fitness instructor Kristin Giles says: "I'm always on the lookout for cute workout clothes that are functional...This holds up during HIIT, weightlifting, mixed martial arts, etc.

The tan color and print were my favorite parts of the outfit. For the sports bra, I chose a medium size. As I have a shorter frame, the pants were long, but they were comfortable and squat-proof. I especially liked the waistline because it hugged my waist. Many people complimented me about it. It was a fantastic deal! —Terry J.

This shirt is available for $25.99+ at Amazon (available in 35 colors and patterns in sizes XS-XL).

2. If you prefer a monochromatic look, check out this coordinating set. Having this on hand will eliminate the "I don't know what to wear" dilemma when you have to meet someone after a HIIT or Pilates workout.
It's stretchy but also form-fitting! The material is great quality, and I'm buying it in every color!"
This item is available from Amazon for $33.99 (in sizes XS-L, two styles, and 19 colors).

3. Wear stylish and functional athleisure that's moisture-wicking. This vest features a stretchy and lightweight fabric that keeps you dry and comfortable. And the padding can be removed for a more tailored fit. Featuring a stylish design that includes silhouettes of women in yoga poses, this piece will certainly catch your eye.
It produces chic active wear made by Black women. Each piece in this collection combines style and functionality for your fitness routine, including moisture-wicking sports bras.
In addition to its removable padding, the sports bra features a low racerback that gives good support as well as a modest look. The underwire was fully lined and has no uncomfortable seams. I was between sizes L and XL (I'm usually a 38DD for reference), so I sized up to XL for comfort, as I mostly do yoga and low-impact workouts and like to wear sports bras around the house. Sizing down for a tighter fit is recommended if you fall between sizes and do high-impact workouts. I love this bra!—Lukafit Customer .

Lukafit offers them for $40 (available in sizes XS to 3XL in two colors).

4. With this twist-front crop top, you'll be able to slip into it for the gym and beyond: it's comfy, comes in a variety of neutral colors, and takes your waist into consideration. For an easy and stylish outfit, add high-rise leggings or bike shorts.

When they aren't working out, Revie wingers love wearing this versatile crop top with other wardrobe staples like denim and skirts.
"This is a great top. I love that it can be worn with high-waisted skirts, fitness wear, or for yoga. I wore it at the gym and I'm pleased with the fit. I love that it's not skintight." -Amazon Customer
This item is available from Amazon for $19.90 (sizes XS-XXL and 10 colors).

5. An amazing design that will inspire you during yoga class and throughout your day that has long sleeves, a flexible fit and a *chef's kiss* amazing design. While you flow from pose to pose in this sand and mocha mauve number, you'll be so comfortable.

The company sells gorgeous athleisure wear and is owned by a Black woman. Our collection of items includes sports bras, leggings, bodysuits, and more you can wear to work out, to run errands, and to lounge around at home.

You can buy it for $144 at Solely Fit in two color designs and two sizes.

6. These are comfortable enough to wear walking, running, or hiking. You can choose from fun patterns (such as the leopard print below) and fabric that wicks moisture to keep you dry.

The pattern is bright and vibrant, despite the cloth's softness. My legs chafed when I ran, hiked, and biked." —Amazon Customer review: "These bike shorts are incredibly comfortable and breathable. Because of its short length, it prevents chafing but is also shorter than other bike shorts.

Amazon offers them for $19.99+ (sizes XS-XXL and 15 patterns and colors).

7. Mockneck tops offer amazing styling potential. The high-rise leggings look good with so many bottoms: High-rise leggings for treadmill walks? I'd say yes. Soft lounge pants? Definitely. You have to have them. Check. With this essential, you are prepared for sweat sessions and chill days alike.

One size up is often suggested for sizing up by other reviewers.

Feeling good after wearing the shirt was great. I usually wear an extra large in gym shirts. I went one size up, however, since it is a tight fit. It was a quick exchange, and I plan on ordering more colors." -Nike Customer

A shirt like this is available from Nike for $35 (available in 7 different colors and sizes).

8. The ultimate gym or OOO uniform, soft joggers fit like a second skin. These pants have the comfort of sweatpants without being too baggy and have two front pockets to keep your phone safe (no more losing your phone). They'll pair well with all of your favorite sporty camis, hoodies, and denim jackets.

It is great for when you want to be really comfortable and stylish without wearing yoga pants. I wear sports brands all the time, so I bought these to mix it up for a bit. They are super soft and I would wear them for errands or just hanging out.

The shoes retail for $9.99+ on Amazon (they are available in sizes S-3X and 173 colors).

9. A waterproof Outdoor Voices exercise dress you can wear both when hiking and when eating out. It features an adjustable strap system, built-in shorts for windy weather, and a stylish and functional design that's simultaneously stylish and functional.

"I wore the exercise dress on a camping trip and loved it. It is tight enough to feel agile, but not too tight so that it restricts you. It was great for hiking as well! Both climbing large ledges and sliding down giant rocks, the dress never broke or was damaged.

Outdoor Voices is selling it for a price of $100 (available in 16 colors and patterns, sizes XXS to XL).

10. You like to listen to music or podcasts while working out, so you got a floral sports bra with a tech pocket. The slim slot fits your smartphone easily and keeps it safe. Moreover, it adds a pop of color to leggings, bike shorts, or flare pants.

It fit well and I like the removable padding in the bra. I am excited about the phone pocket but it didn't feel uncomfortable. I have a Google Pixel 2 and it fits fine. I appreciate the removable padding in the bra and it fit as expected. I love this bra!" -Amazon Customer

It is available for $15.99 from Amazon (available in four different colors and sizes).

11. A pair of contour seamless leggings can make any outfit look like a watercolor painting and add color to a basic tank or crop top. Moreover, they feature moisture-wicking material and are highly compressible, as reviewers comment.

There are ombre styles (as shown above) as well as solid colors available for these leggings!

It's great that these pants come in several colors. The woven-in designs on the legs and under the cheeks were worth the price. I love the colour and the higher waist. The color variety makes these trousers a cut or two above regular yoga pants. There is adequate compression for exercising or cycling." -Amazon Customer

From Amazon you can get them for $24.99+ (available in 18 styles and in sizes XS-L).

12. For light movement and lounging, try this cropped hoodie in yellow. Layer it over a sports bra or a crop top for a soft and comfy look. You can transition directly from a relaxing stretch or yoga flow to your couch without changing a thing.

I love this cropped hoodie because it's so versatile! Wearing this item of clothing for yoga (see me on the mat in the photo above!) and lounging around the house. With a raw edge design, the top is so soft and the yellow color matches my joggers or leggings so well.

For $92 (sizes S-XL), you can pick it up from Maaji.

13. This crop tank will give your wardrobe a major update - wear it with high-rise leggings for workout sessions or jeans for a quick grocery run after class. Additionally, you are sure to get many compliments at the gym when wearing this bright green outfit.

Style and in-depth sizing are two of the brand's features. Fit for the gym and everyday wear, from flare leggings to crop tops, we have everything you need.

Superfit Hero sells this shirt for $55. 

14. With a mesh sports bra that offers excellent coverage for running errands and exercising, you can do it in comfort. It has interlocking seams for reduced chafing, removable cups for extra comfort, and eye-catching cutouts on the back.

My is just what I was looking for! It provides very good support and looks fashionable as well! I got a small and the size fits perfectly. The colors are true to what they look like on the website." -Dallas Haas

This item can be purchased from Amazon for $28.99 (sizes XS-XL and 29 colors and designs).

15. It's hard to believe you're getting ready for a workout while wearing these gorgeous leggings. This athletic wear features a vivid red, green, and blue design, as well as an elastic waistband and overlock seams designed to provide comfort while you exercise.

Known for their bold print clothes, Rochelle Porter Design is a small business. Adding chic pieces to your gym outfit will elevate your active wear women wardrobe. Check out our bike shorts, bras, and leggings.

An Etsy customer wrote that the leggings were "so soft! The quality is amazing and they are super comfortable. I have worn them on hot summer days without issue!"

They're $61.00 at Rochelle Porter Design on Etsy (sizes 2XL-6XL).

16. It is better if you wear a sports bra/crop top because a) you will have fewer layers to wear and b) you will save time getting dressed for the gym. Besides being a casual top, this one has removable pads and will match a pair of sweatpants or joggers.

It has a large bust and a small band, making it perfect for my size. I'm also tall so I was concerned about how these bras would fit, but they work so well. I use them for running but also under a top with an exposed back. Getting it on and off can be a bit difficult but it's worth it!" —Amazon Customer

For $28, you can purchase it on Amazon (available in 35 colors and XS–XL).

17. Women's gym outfits that are breathable and perfect for a variety of exercises inside or outdoors. When you go for a stroll or to the gym, you can wear this matching bra and bike shorts.

Reviewer says: "This is a cute outfit for going out or exercising. I like the pattern and they are not see through. They are supportive and I did not experience any sizing issues.

This is available for $28.88 on Amazon (available in sizes S-XXL and in 15 different sets).

18. Soft fabric and a high-rise waistline characterize these crossover leggings. Besides being perfect for the gym, they are wonderful for a variety of non-gym activities as well. Besides, you can pair 'em with a variety of sneakers, including sporty slip-ons or high-top sneakers.

They are so soft, you feel like you aren't even wearing pants, but better.". Also, they don't move during workouts or yoga positions. Everything stays nice and in place with the pockets, so you don't have to worry about it falling out. You should buy these leggings before they sell out" —Aerie Customer

These are available at Aerie for $54.95 (available in three lengths, four colors, and XXS to XXL sizing).

19. Designed for cardio workouts, especially running and power walking, this long-sleeved shirt features tie-dye details. These joggers feature cozy thumb holes (goodbye flapping sleeves) and a cool tie-dye design perfectly paired with your favorite black leggings.

Reviews speak for themselves: "This shirt is a must-have!!! It is buttery soft, has dri-fit material, and is perfect for workouts! I have already bought several more! I would wear this shirt every day if I could because it is so comfortable!" - Brittany Ashton

Available in sizes 1X-5X and 33 colors on Amazon for $24.99 (available in 33 colors). 

20. On warm days, where you don't want to wear long sleeves to the gym, a tie-dye crop top would be a great option. Featuring antimicrobial fabric, this stylish piece will keep you odor-free during your workouts.

Day/Won sports clothing is made from sustainable materials, and is offered in sizes 0–32 by model Candice Huffine. We have everything you need for your workout, from matching sets to supportive sports bras.

For $39, you can get it from Day/Won (sized from XS to 5X).

21. Whether you're working out or just meeting some friends at the park, it will be easy to wear a seamless racerback tank top since there are no uncomfortable straps or red marks. Feeling comfortable and cute in some activewear when you lift your arms up without feeling like a corset!

This tank is so fantastic that I would like to have it in every color!" —Ellie Patterson. I am in love with this tank top. I think it's the best workout tank I've ever worn. I love the compression material, the slim straps, and the built-in bra. "This tank is the total package in my opinion and I would love it in every color!"

From Amazon, you can get it for $24 (sizes XXS-XL and 15 colors).

22. Your activewear wardrobe needs these over-the-heel leggings. Your workout outfit will bloom with floral prints, as these bottoms are not see-through and effortlessly slide over your butt and legs. In the event that you want to cover part of your feet, the over-the-heel fabric is a great added touch.

They have a pretty design and don't slip down when I work out." —Nicole "I bought these because I am tall, and since these are made to go over the foot, I assumed they would fit me normal."

The xs-xl sizes are available from Amazon for $19.99+ (in 33 colors and sets of two).

23. This sport bra doubles up as both a sports top and a sports bra. When working out, it's best to avoid clothing sticking to you while sweating.

Those with DD+ boobs should check out "27 Sports Bras People With DD+ Boobs Actually Swear 

By." Our fuller-chested reviewers love this sports bra!

It is my first and definitely not my last purchase from Girlfriend Collective! I love the color, the compression, and the fact that the bottom falls lower than a bra, but stays in place. I can easily wear it when working out or casually with no concern for spills." -Madalen B.

Girlfriend Collective offers it for $52 (sizes XXS- 6XL); six colors available.

24. An ideal layering jacket over sports bras, crop tops, and athletic tanks. This outerwear is made with moisture-wicking and four-way stretch fabric and will be your go-to if you want to dress up for the gym and stop at a juice bar at the same time.

The California-based athleisure brand Mono B is led by women. You'll find everything you need in a wide range of styles, from soft leggings to tie-dyed cropped tanks.

Purchase it for $41 at Mono B (available in three colors and sizes).

25. With its cropped top and faux-pleat pants, this crop top and joggers set combines athleisure and coziness into one look. Workout day? No problem. Relax at the beach? Also no problem. We have you covered.

Reviewer says: "Bought this for at home and it's become a staple in my wardrobe! I got the pink set and I wear both pieces frequently! I wear the top with jeans and leggings out and about as well. It's stretchy, comfortable, and keeps you warm. I also like that the waistband is elastic so the pants stay up without tying. Overall, I highly recommend it. —Amazon Customer

This product is available on Amazon for $39.99+ (available in sizes S-XL and 20 colors/styles).

26. You'll receive amazing support from this sports bra, thanks to the crisscross straps and molded cups that keep your boobs in place. It is versatile enough to be worn as is, or layered under a breezy tank top.

An encouraging review: "I run a lot (especially long distances) and I do HIIT every day, so a high-impact sports bra gym outfit is a must-have for me.". Previously, I thought I had to spend a lot of money to get a good bra that worked for me. I was used to spending twice the amount of money for a bra that did half as well as this one does. Wearing it makes you feel like you're in control and comfortable (and easy to take off after working out)." -Amazon Customer

It is available on Amazon for $39.99 in sizes S-5XL and nine colors.

27. Wear these high-shine leggings to make it feel like you're heading to a disco, when actually, you're attending a virtual dance class. A strappy sports bra or crop top will look amazing with these stretchy faux-leather shorts. You just need a blouse and heels to complete the look!

RYAN Mooney says this legging is great. They do not slide down. I wear them when I dance, because they are so comfortable and stretchy. The price was fantastic. Other shiny leggings are around $100.

Amazon is offering them for $29.99+ (sizes XS-XXL and 27 colors).

28. Your running uniform will receive a major upgrade with these high-rise patterned shorts. High waistband, vibrant design, and body-hugging fit let you focus on your form while looking stylish.

Known for their bold print clothes, Rochelle Porter Design is a small business. If you're looking for stylish activewear, you'll find bike shorts, bras, and leggings that will elevate your gym look.

Positive feedback: "I can't stop gushing about and recommending these sports fashion to everyone." -Etsy customer

They can be purchased through Rochelle Porter Design on Etsy for $38.25 (sizes XS-XL).

29. You can forget about those annoying sweats in this short-sleeve top with an open tie back. If you're planning on wearing it for a workout or a casual day out, throw on any racerback bra underneath.

They're breathable, light, and highly efficient, and yet provide excellent coverage. I love the open-back design and knotted detail. If you've been debating on getting this, don't hesitate! It's worth every penny!" —Kaitlin

This item is available from Amazon for $18.99 (available in sizes S-XL and 10 colors).

30. Tennis skirts will keep you covered on the tennis court and your legs will breathe when you go for a relaxed bike ride. A high waistband that is elastic prevents you from feeling restricted, an inner skirt keeps your underwear hidden, and a pleated design will absolutely complement whatever cute top you are wearing.

This bag also includes a pocket that holds your keys, wallet, and cell phone.

Reviewer: "I absolutely adore these shorts. I have one in another color and they're my favorite when I don't feel like wearing shorts in the summer. I was surprised by the orange color, as it's hard to find. The shorts are cute, breathable and very comfortable. I wash on delicate and tumble dry low without any issues. It's perfect for when I'm working out or just for everyday wear." —Charlee

Available in 18 colors and patterns for $20.99+ (sizes XXS-XXL).

31. This yellow sports bra will keep your shoulders from digging in while you work up a sweat. It has supportive straps you won't dig into and a soft fabric you'll be comfortable in all day long.

Small business Ju'Nae Fit has comfortable athletic apparel for sale. The brand carries colorful and super soft crop tops, shorts, leggings, and more run-friendly clothes.

This bra has good shape and the adjustable straps are very helpful. It is also very comfortable! I got the Pineapple bra, and the color is even more beautiful in person! There are pads in the bra, but they can be removed if you don't want to wear them. —Ju'Nae Fit Customer

This suit from Ju'Nae Fit is $39.99 (available in sizes S-L; matching bike shorts are also included).

32. Powered through leg day in these body-hugging leggings with a high waist and a body-hugging fit. You do not need to pull them up constantly when you bend, lunge, twist, or squat. I want no fabric problems up to the end of a rep!

It has exceeded my expectations and I absolutely love it! These pants are very high-waisted and don't roll down during heart-pumping workouts. They are breathable, buttery soft, and squat-proof! They have nice compression so everything stays in place but they aren't too tight that it's uncomfortable. I have yet to wash them, but I don't expect any issues. Check these out!" -Kes

From Amazon, you can get them for $29.99 (available in 28 colors in sizes XS-XL).

33. We love this FP Movement V-neck onesie for dressing for the gym or anywhere you want to feel stylish: Just slip into this ribbed number with crisscross straps and fabric that won't restrict your movement.

Promising review: "I was a little skeptical at first, but I decided to order it. So happy I did! . I’m buying more colors!" —Free People Customer

This top is available at Free People for $88 (in sizes XS–L and in five colors).

34. Functional and super chic, this sports bra features one shoulder. When you can't have a strap on both sides of your body due to an injury or surgery, this is a great option for you.

This bra is fantastic for me until my rotator cuff is repaired in my right shoulder. — Linda Epps Dunham

As a 32D, the size chart was very accurate. The sports bra is super cute, cute, comfy and stylish. I'll be wearing it for pole fitness, so it passed the upside down test, but I also tried it on and it's very supportive. I would like to order more colors." —Jahnay

From Amazon, you can get this jacket for $18.69 (available in 13 styles and sizes).

35. When it comes to sweaty, you need a tie-back tank because it literally has your back. You will sweat less when you wear this because of the back V-mesh design and the super-soft fabric. That means you won't cling to it in case you do jumping jacks, squats, or high knees.

Taking care of myself involves working out five times a week for over 20 years. I am very picky about workout clothes. This is the best workout shirt I have found at a great price! I love the feel of the fabric, and the fabric is not too bulky. I like to tie it in the back, but you can leave it untied, too." -Amazon Customer.

Amazon.com has it for $18.98 (available in 19 colors and sizes XS-XL).

36. On the treadmill, you will feel like a star in these capri leggings. Wear this activewear with your next gym session since it features sweat-wicking material, a mid-rise fit, and a rainbow stellar pattern.

Founded in New York City, Terez is an activewear brand. Featuring everything from yellow leggings to star-printed tanks, they offer lots of fun designs for your next workout.

I like the pattern and length of the top band!" —Terez Customer

Terez is offering them for $102 (sizes XS-XL).

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