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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Top five fashion blogs in Dubai, UAE that fashion professionals should follow in 2016

Here are the list of top 5 fashion industry bloggers in Dubai, UAE
1) STYLE DRIFTER – a blog/site owned by Teresa Karpinska, a  beauty & fashion stylist living in Dubai but originally from Sweden – she is also a former author for undercanyandcookie.com website, where she was posting about fashion and lifestyle articles.
Blog: http://styledrifter.com

2) Shoestova
This blog is written and owned by Natalia Shustova – she’s also a real estate lawyer and fashion specialist whose face has been familiar at all the Dubai, UAE based fashion events, who is always dedicated  to spread the hot fashion trends, beauty tricks and new travel destinations.
Blog: http://shoestova.com/

3) Aiisha 
Aisha is also an another experienced blogger who is living in Dubai. She is writing since beginning of her fashion designer career. Most of her became viral and all of her post reach tells its quality and trustiness.
Blog: http://blog.aiisha.com/

4) She9
She is a short and sweet fashion blogger in UAE.  Her blog is mainly focused on shalwar, sarees, chudi items, especially indian and Pakistani boutiques. This blog is mainly for Asians.

Blog: http://she9.blogspot.com/

5) Huda Beauty
An award winning fashion and beauty blogger based in UAE. She is a hollywood trained make up artist. She is blogging since 2010 and her blog has been reached to many fashion people within three years.
Blog: http://www.hudabeauty.com/tag/blog


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