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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Which vintage are You?

Want to draw inspiration from the past, but don’t know where to start?Take our quiz to find out which era best suits your bridal style 

Q1: Which hairstyle will you be rocking?   
a. A sleek bob
b. Bombshell waves
c. Victory rolls
d. A chignon
e. Long and loose with a centre partingf. Farrah-style flicks 

Q2: Which of the following themes best describes your home décor?
a. Art-deco eccentric
b. Boudoir glamour
c. Thrifty homespun charm d. Candy-coloured and cute
e. Psychedelic prints
f. Fun and funky 

Q3: Which of the following best describes your dream vintage dress? 

a. Heavily embellished with a dropped waistline 
b. Bias-cut with a figure-hugging fishtail
c. Something simple with buttons and a defined waist
d. Full A-line skir t which kicks out at the calves 
e. A short shift with long sleeves
f. A white lace pantsuit – all the better for dancing! 

Q4: Which of these is a venue priority?
a. A fully-stocked cocktail bar
b. A stage with space for a 15-piece big band
c. An area for bake-off style dessert table of homemade treats
d. A jukebox and plenty of space to rock and roll
e. A chill-out area loaded with cushions
f. A multi-coloured light-up dance floor

Q5: Which of these are your favourite accessories?
a. A jewelled headband and feathers
b. Opera-length gloves and a cocktail hat 
c. A headscarf and wide belt
d. Kitten heels and an oversized bow
e. Long beads and floral hair accessories 
f. Dangling earrings and sequins 

Q6: When it comes to flowers, you’ll be requesting...
a. An over-arm shower of gypsophila, carnations and foliage
b. A classic dome of white roses
c. A loosely-tied bouquet of seasonal, British wildflowers
d. A pretty pomander worn from the wrist 
e. A glorious flower crown or circlet
f. A bright, packed multi-coloured posy 

Q7: It’s your first dance; you and your groom will be busting moves to...
a. Always by Irving Berlin
b. Cheek to Cheek by Fred Astaire
c. All or Nothing at All by Frank Sinatra 
d. Love Me Tender by Elvis
e. And I Love Her by The Beatles
f. Isn't She Lovely by Stevie Wonder 

Q8: Which of the following is your signature make-up look?
a. Pale foundation, kohl eyeliner and a defined cupid’s bow
b. Pencil-thin brows, mascara and dark lips
c. Arched brows, brown liner and a red pout d. Flawless foundation base, flicked liner and pink blush
e. Au naturel skin, nude lips and heavily defined eyes
f. Bronzed skin, smoky eyes and a pop of colour 

Q9: Your celebrity style icon is... 

a. Coco Chanel 
b. Ginger Rogers 
c. Hedy Lamarr 
d. Grace Kelly
e. Marianne Faithfull 
f. Jerry Hall 

Mostly A
Your style is: The Roaring ’20s
This era saw the rise of the ‘new woman’, recognised by her flapper style and bobbed hair. She could easily keep up with the hedonistic lifestyle, and would often be found at urban speakeasies filled with jazz and champagne.
Get the look: Create a lavish reception with a black and gold palette, setting the tone with art deco-style stationery. For tablecentres, drape pearls from candelabra and display props such as vintage gramophones and ostrich feathers. Stack gold-rimmed champagne coupes into a tower, and create a cocktail menu with bespoke tipples.The pièce de résistance should be your square-tiered cake, covered in edible gold leaf.

Mostly B
Your style is: ’30s Hollywood Glamour
As technology advanced from ‘the talkies’ to full-colour films and animation, actors sky- rocketed to global stardom.This was later known as the golden age of Hollywood.
Get the look: Take beauty tips from the first screen sirens with glossy waves, long lashes
and berry lips to complement a slinky gown. Complete a red-carpet-worthy outfit with chandelier earrings and sparkling jewels.
Take inspiration from crushed-velvet theatre seats and incorporate a flash of red into a monochrome palette. For added glitz, embellish tables with scattered crystals and name each after your favourite classic films.

Mostly C
Your style is: ’40s Thrifty Chic
The first half of this decade was dominated by the Second World War, and rationing meant home-growing and DIY-ing were increasingly practised.Yet despite these measures, patriotism was high in Britain.
Get the look: This style is all about the simple things, so consider hiring a village hall venue and decorating with bunting and ribbons. Fill baskets with wildflowers, and reuse tins and jam jars as vases for seasonal blooms. Consider switching
a formal dinner for afternoon tea served in chintzy vintage cups and saucers. Arrange long trestle tables in a banqueting style, and display a Victoria sponge with fruit and a dusting of sugar.

Mostly D
Your style is: The rocking and rolling ’50s
This era saw the advent of rock and roll, and the rockabilly rebels associated with it. Interiors took on a bright aesthetic, while jukeboxes of American diners became icons of the decade. Get the look: Nail 1950s fashion in a shor t prom-style gown with a cinched-in waist and frothy petticoat. Polka dots and pastel prints will add a retro touch to big-day styling, and don’t be afraid to add a pop of colour to your bridal whites with colourful shoes, belts or petticoats. Consider adding striped paper straws to glass bottles for the drinks reception, and work vinyl records into the décor as placemats or retro- style tablenames.

Mostly E
Your style is: The hippy ’60s
In the early ’60s, mods arrived to clash with the rockers, and by the end of the decade, a hippy counterculture had taken shape, giving us flower power and the sexual revolution.
Get the look: Channel Woodstock with a festival-themed do. Hold an outdoor ceremony in a woodland setting, and choose a short shift dress with flowing sleeves or a bohemian off- the-shoulder gown, completing the look with a crown of fresh flowers. Mix eclectic coloured glassware with botanical elements, including bark, moss and foliage. Being green is the name of the game, so try to stick to seasonal produce and local suppliers where possible.

Mostly F
Your style is: The funky ’70s
Enter the age of disco, where strobe lighting and glitter balls lit the scene, from the heady Studio 54 to local night-spots, and DJs got crowds shimmying to the disco divas of the day. Girls coveted big hair, and men: big sideburns. Get the look: This era is about having fun,
so incorporate colour into the big day with bright patterns and neon highlights. Create a vibrant atmosphere with lava-lamp tablecentres, bespoke neon signs or large illuminated letters. If your venue doesn’t have a light-up dancefloor, wrap fairylights around columns or beams,
and hang a glitter ball in the centre of the dancefloorreadyforWed-dayNightFever.

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