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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Meet the Judges

Following his hey-days as all the rage of the fashion industry, fashion designer Mr. Blackwell created and released the first annual Worst Dressed List along with a Best Dressed List almost 45 years ago. The first few lists attracted modest attention, but as the House of Blackwell became more and more famous, so did Mr. Blackwell's lists. Leaving no public figure unscathed, Mr. Blackwell's brilliant and witty observations range from "A million beads and one overexposed derriere - the ultimate fashion fiasco" (Cher) to "Big Bird in heels. A Follies Bergere fiasco" (Geena Davis). Referring to Britney Spears and Madonna as "Kissin' cousins of couture crime," and comments about Linda Tripp ("She looks like a sheepdog in drag"), Mr. Blackwell is most known for his enormously popular 10 Worst Dressed List and now enjoys a much-deserved private life. Having released an autobiography written as concisely & pitilessly as his lists, Mr. Blackwell reveals a life of incredible survival, leaving us wanting his taste and imagination much more than once a year!

Jerry and Randy of Jeran Design are known for their glamorous hand-beaded gowns, original costumes, and creative ideas. These talents and passion for fashion has carried over to their love for Broadway musicals and operas, inspiring them to create musicals that would excite audiences with refreshing originality and preserve the operatic musical elegance. Jerry and Randy have worked in perfect harmony as a team of incredible talents, reflected best in their 24 year long project in the making - "The Hollywood Graffiti Gown ™," a presentation of honor and devotion combined with women of entertainment, influence, and industry in fighting the AIDS epidemic. To see the lovely gown, just click here: JERAN DESIGNS

ALISON is the executive editor of CALIFORNIA APPAREL NEWS. She started in 1997 as a reporter covering manufacturers and textiles. Prior to joining CAN, she worked for New York fashion and business publications Fashion Reporter and Eyewear

FRANCES conceived of and founded FASHION BUSINESS INCORPORATED. She is FBI's President & a partner in California Style Group, which provides professional consulting on branding, licensing and product development. Prior, Frances taught at Otis College.

GUNTHER is the CFO and board member of COALITION OF L.A. DESIGNERS, a non-profit organization that fosters a supportive environment in which innovative, independent designers in the Los Angeles area can share knowledge and resources. CLAD: 310.467.1514

VIVIAN is a faculty member of the FASHION INSTITUTE OF DESIGN AND MERCHANDISING. She teaches draping, pattern drafting, and design development courses. Part of the Fashion Group, Int'l, Vivian is also a member of the Costume Society of America.

Gloria Gebbia is President of the Associates for Breast and Prostate Cancer Studies, which is affiliated with the John Wayne Cancer Institute, and is a member of the Presidents Club of The Thalians. Gloria is a Past President of the Smiles Brigade at Maryvale and has been involved in many business ventures on her own. After moving to California 11 years ago, Gloria founded and was the President of Blondes Have More Fund Productions and was the Executive Producer of the syndicated television program Talk of The Town. She was also a founder of Seasons Greetings Productions and was the Executive Producer of the feature film Pretty When You Cry. Currently, Gloria is the majority shareholder of the parent company of StockCross Financial Services, Inc., a successful discount brokerage firm with offices in Beverly Hills and Boston. Her favorite motto is one which she attempts to incorporate into her daily life… I've been given two hands. One to help myself with and the other to help others.

RUTA LEE is one of Hollywood's most glamorous ladies, multifaceted and a top-notch civic contributor. Lee's versatility has won her the respect of colleagues and affection of audiences from her countless appearances on television, stage, and movies. Her first role was the youngest of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Subsequently, Funny Face with Fred Astaire and Audrey Hepburn and Frank Sinatra's leading lady in Sergeant's Three. Lee's TV career includes more than 2000 appearances on shows form Perry Mason to Power Rangers, as well as hosting talk and game series with Regis Philbin and Alex Trebek. Ruta just completed filming A Christmas Too Many in which she stars with legend, Mickey Rooney. This Dynamo is long time chair of The Thalians' fundraisers devoted to mental health. Recently, Lee completed a critically acclaimed performance in Steel Magnolias at Garry Marshall's Falcon Theater and guest starred on ABC's Life with Bonnie in a role especially written for her by Bonnie Hunt.

A 22 year veteran and key member of the top rated daytime drama "The Young and the Restless," Kate Linder's role as Esther Valentine has been one of emotional highs and lows as the confidante and housekeeper to Mrs. Katherine Chancellor. A theatre arts major from San Francisco State University, Kate is a confirmed world traveler and tourist who now enjoys the best of two worlds - on the air and in the air - never having quit her day time job as a United Airlines flight attendant. "Acting is my life, " says Linder. "That's what I do for my living and my creative satisfaction. Flying is what I do for fun as long as I can work it into my schedule." Linder is active with the Make-A-Wish Foundation and is a founding member of TV Cares, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences' AIDS awareness and fundraising charity.

Simply known as "Margo," this Canadian born Quebecquoise lives in West L.A. and is the matriarch of a family of two children, three grandchildren, and a cat named Romeo. Born to a French Canadian father and an English mother, Margo draws both style and inspiration from her Francophile roots. Speaking the language of elegance and sophistication found in the fashion capital of the world, she is the owner of the exclusive boutique MARGO's in the Santa Clarita Valley and produces fashion shows which highlight the various independent collections of her retail store. The divine Ms. "M" has been wardrobing the fashionable elite women of Los Angeles since 1974, offering a very unique shopping experience to her prominent clientele that combines fun with fashion. Margo has passion for what she does (buying, finding new designers, discovering new lines, etc.) and has an extremely discerning eye that enables her to spot a winner. To feel confident and achieve one's personal style…"It's my goal," says Margo.

Pamela Shae is the Senior Vice President of Talent for Spelling Television where she has been a part of the Spelling Team for 14 ½ years and currently oversees the Talent, Casting and Actor Development of all Spelling Television shows. 
Pamela had worked as a print and runway model for many years and was an actress for a short time, doing such shows as "Divorce Court" and "General Hospital" and appearing in several commercials. She was also a magician's assistant, working at such venues as the Magic Castle and the Variety Arts Theatre. Pamela feels that her acting background, compounded with her compassion and understanding of the acting process, has been critical in her own career development and finds she incorporates elements of her past experiences when meeting actors on a day to day basis. Pamela has said on many occasions, "I have the utmost admiration for actors! I truly respect their focus, passion and dedication while pursuing their dreams in a very competitive field."

Pamela Shae is the Senior Vice President of Talent for Spelling Television where she has been a part of the Spelling Team for 14 ½ years and currently oversees the Talent, Casting and Actor Development of all Spelling Television shows. 
Pamela had worked as a print and runway model for many years and was an actress for a short time, doing such shows as "Divorce Court" and "General Hospital" and appearing in several commercials. She was also a magician's assistant, working at such venues as the Magic Castle and the Variety Arts Theatre. Pamela feels that her acting background, compounded with her compassion and understanding of the acting process, has been critical in her own career development and finds she incorporates elements of her past experiences when meeting actors on a day to day basis. Pamela has said on many occasions, "I have the utmost admiration for actors! I truly respect their focus, passion and dedication while pursuing their dreams in a very competitive field."

At the height of the 80's glamour and fashion, Charlene became an international award winning actress starring as LUCY EWING on the highest rated television series of all time DALLAS. Awards include "THE PEOPLES CHOICE AWARD" and best actress in a drama "YOUTH IN FILM AWARD." Charlene recently co-starred with David Spade in the film "DICKIE ROBERTS," and with Michael Bouble in 'TOTALLY BLONDE." She also loved hosting SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, THE MACY'S THANKSGIVING DAY PARADE, and BOB HOPE'S FUNNY VALENTINE SPECIAL. Charlene's passion for the stage took her to London's West End where she played HONEY in WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF. She also co-starred with Imogene Coca in THE FOREIGNER, directed by Tony Award winner Jerry Zaks and won The Valley Theatre Critics Award for best supporting actress in the play DISH BABIES. Most recently Charlene co-produced and starred in the campy comedy TELL VERONICA at The Hudson Theatre, earning her stellar reviews. 

A native of North Carolina, Pauletta is an accomplished stage and screen performer who has appeared on the Broadway stage in "Jesus Christ Superstar," "Sophisticated Ladies," and "Jerry's Girls." Pauletta's voice can be heard in the song, "It's In Your Eyes" from the 1994 Soundtrack of Philadelphia. Pauletta appeared in the critically acclaimed movie, "Beloved," and has been fortunate to work with the best in the business. Pauletta is actively involved in her church and in her community and is an Executive Board member of the Brain Trust for Dr. Keith Black, Director of the Maxine Dunitz Neurosurgical Institute at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Pauletta was featured on BET's new television show "O' Drama" and has successfully toured with her one women show entitled "Pauletta." She performed at the Kennedy Center in a play written and directed by Debbie Allen called "Soul Possessed" and also starred in the musical play "Spirituals." Pauletta is proud of her four children and her husband, actor Denzel Washington.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Dover Street Market

photo: Christobal Palma photo: Christobal Palma photo: Christobal Palma 

Call it the anti-flagship. Dover Street Market is the latest retail venture by Comme des Garcons founder and designer Rei Kawakubo – and it turns the notion of the luxury fashion emporium on its head.
Located in a Georgian-fronted building in Mayfair, London, the project is inspired by Kawakubo’s memories of the legendary Kensington Market (which closed early last year), a scruffy, rambling indoor fashion bazaar that showcased young designers and launched the careers of stars such as Alexander McQueen.
“The first place we go when travelling is the local market,” says Comme des Garcons commercial director Adrian Joffe, who is married to Kawakubo. “Rei remembers Kensington Market. What she liked most was the anarchy of the place.”
The raw shell of the interior of the Dover Street Market store is given over to retail and studio space for designers selected by Kawakubo and Joffe.
“We just took the shell from the contractors,” explains the fashion label’s spokesperson, Annika McVeigh. “We haven’t worked with an architect, we worked with set designers. There were no rules – except that accidents are OK.”
The Dover Street Market is a departure from Kawakubo’s other retail adventures – especially the flagship Comme des Garcons stores in New York (by Future Systems) and Paris (by Kitchen Rogers Design), two of the most beautiful architect-designed retail units anywhere.
But it’s different too from her recent string of “guerrilla” stores that have opened in such diverse spots as Berlin, Singapore and Ljubljana, Slovenia. These open for just a year at a time in un-refurbished retail units in unfashionable parts of town.
At Dover Street, Kawakubo and Joffe have taken a building in a prime location (Dover Street is a stone’s throw from the Guccis and Pradas of Old Bond Street) and
de-styled it.
Joffe says they spent £800,000 to renovate the space and hope to have a first-year turnover of £5 million, which would enable them to turn a small profit. Compare that to the £60 million Prada spent on its Herzog & de Meuron-designed Tokyo outlet and the financial logic of the venture appears clear.
Besides showcasing the various Comme des Garcons ranges, Kawakubo and Joffe have given over about half the building to other brands, mostly run by friends, and including several that had never before been sold outside Japan. The company acts like a mall operator, taking a percentage of sales from each stall to cover the costs of the 15-year lease.
“We chose people because they have a point of view,” says Joffe. “They don’t all have our point of view, but they all have something to say.”
The stalls include a vintage shop by Cameron Silver of Decades in LA, the Lanvin collection by Alber Elbaz, east London hipsters Boudicca, photographer Bruce Weber and jewellery designer Judy Blame. Young London design outfit Amplifier also has a stall.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Color Ideas to choose Sneakers for Men and Women:Fashion Blog Dubai

        Color Ideas to choose Sneakers for Men and Women
One of the most versatile footwear for both men and women are sneakers. Basic sneakers go with any dress for casual purposes. They can be worn with tailored trousers, denims, polos, t-shirts, chinos. Of recent times, sneaker trend has been thrust to the forefront by every fashion house and shoemakers across the globe for its smart and trendy look.

Sneaker shoes for every occasion:

Luxury sneakers are known for their distinct look, opulent designs and finishing’s.
Hi tech sneakers which are highly fashionable go well with long fitting clothing.
Hi fashion designer sneakers which match best with slim denim are a choice to many.
Current sport sneakers can be worn for gym and can be matched with chinos.
Classic sports sneakers are for everyday wear and they can be worn in different colors that match to your dress.

Shoes for men

You can shop sneakers online for both men and women on online stores. With footwear fashion extending beyond known limits, sneakers have become a common thing for men to be worn daily for casual comfort. As they can be paired with casual outfits and still give a smart look, they have become a great demand among men. To buy sneakers, you can opt for online shopping as they come in different colors, brands and designs. It becomes easy to make your choice.

Dominant Colors for your shoes

For a trendy sneaker design, colors play an important role. Some of the most dominant colors in the sneaker history are:

It is the most noticeable color in sneaker. This color attracts attention as it is eye catching and a highly sensitive color that is appealing to the human eye. Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse released in 2011 has this ever famous color.
Varsity red-

 It is vibrant and fresh color for your sneakers. Wearing this color on your feet could lend confidence and grace to your strides. You can see this hue on Nike Air Jordan 1.
Purple and Gold – 

These colors in combination work magic to your feet on the ground. Converse Weapon that was released in 1986 has this combination.
Tiffany Blue

It is color of success that is very pleasing to the eye. The sophisticated colorway on the sneakers gives a trendy look.
Pink flash

This bold color on your sneakers can convince people of your confidence and fashion statement.

Royal Blue – 

This is another bold sneaker color that you can choose to match your formal or casual wear. Many fashion footwear companies choose this color for their sneakers.
New Green

Shoes with these colorways have made new trends across fashion houses. Such fashionable high chroma fluorescent colors have become a must have for many now.

High in chroma, consistent and clean clearly dominates the sneaker design. It is a dominant color that goes well for any dress.
Eggplant or deep purple-

It is another color with a deep effect. It is bold and eye catching. Trying this color can add charm to your dressing. It also gives a sporty look. Nike Air Foamposite released in 2008 has this color. 

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Stitch it tonight a Bucket Bag: Sew up the perfect tote for all your essentials

This brightly coloured bag by Corinne Bradd is just the thing for packing up all your must- haves for the festive holiday. Easy to stitch and with a drawstring to close, it will look stylish and come in handy. It could even double up as a sack filled with presents under the tree! 


  •  Striped fabric, 120cm
  •  2oz quilt wadding, 50cm
  •  6mm wide cord, 200cm
  •  4cm wide webbing, 100cm (optional)


  • 40cm x 41cm 

Stitch a Bag

  1. Cut a 85cm square from striped fabric and crease in half across the stripes. Trim a 42cm x 85cm piece of wadding and lay on one half of the wrong side of the fabric so one edge lies along the crease. Cut a 90cm length of cord and place along the crease. 
  2. Fold the other half of the fabric over the crease line, to cover the cord and wadding. Pin the layers together under the ridge made by the cord before pinning the layers together at regular intervals. 
  3. Use a zipper foot to sew directly along the side of the cord to make a piped top edge. Quilt the rest of the fabric along the stripes every 5cm to 7cm to hold the layers together and provide structure. Trim the edges of the fabric square if necessary and zig zag stitch along them. 
  4. Cut eight 5cm x 8cm rectangles from striped fabric. Fold each one in half lengthways, right sides together, and sew along the long edge to make a tube. Turn each one out and press so the seam sits in the centre. Fold in 5mm on each raw edge and topstitch 2mm from the fold. 
  5. Pin the flattened tubes to the bag, 3cm down from the piped top edge in a landscape position, at regular intervals, leaving a 1cm back seam allowance at either end of the quilted fabric. Topstitch them to the bag, on the long edge of each, to make cord channels. 
  6. Fold the quilted fabric in half widthways, right sides together, and sew up the back seam with a 1cm seam allowance. Trim the ends of the piping and cover with a short length of bias binding or scrap of fabric slip stitched over the raw ends. 
  7. Cut two 23cm squares from striped fabric for the bottom. Lay one piece face down followed by a piece of wadding the same size, with the second fabric square on top, right side up. Pin them together and zig zag stitch around all four edges. 
  8. Find the centre of two opposite sides of the square and mark them with a pin. Match one mark to the back seam of the bag and sew the edge of the square to the bottom, stopping 1cm from either end. Find the centre of the front and stitch the opposite side of the square to this in the same way. The two remaining sides of the square can now be sewn to the rest of the quilted panel. 
  9. Cut a 10cm x 100cm strip of striped print. Fold in 1cm on the short edges and tack. Fold in 1cm on each long edge and crease. Bring the long folded edges together and pin to make a 4cm wide strap. Iron fusible webbing inside the folded fabric to strengthen it, if required. Topstitch along both long sides, 2mm from the edge. 
  10. Pin to either side of the bag, 4cm below the cord channels. Topstitch the bottom 4cm square of strap end to the bag, closing up the tacked ends as you go and reinforcing with a cross shape in the centre. Remove the tacking stitches. 
  11. Create two small tabs from 5cm x 10cm rectangles, folded in half, right sides together and stitched down each side. Turn them out, fold in 5mm along the top edge and slip the ends of the remaining cord into each one. Topstitch them closed over the cord. Thread the cord through the channels at the top to finish. 

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Stitch a pretty pinny with feminine frills by a fashion designer

You’re sure to look the picture of domesticity in the kitchen this Christmas with this fancy apron made by Stuart Hillard. It’s stitched in a cheerful floral repeat designed by Kaffe Fassett, and features lovely pleated details and a useful front pocket. The contrast waistband is long enough to tie in a bow at the front to ensure it doesn’t slip off during crucial oven to table manoeuvring! 


• Floral print fabric, 50cm x width
• Plain cotton, light pink, dark pink, grey, 50cm of each
48cm x 98cm (excluding ties) 

make an apron

Fold 50cm x width of printed cotton in half, selvedge to selvedge, and press lightly. Tie
a length of string to a pencil, then pin at the top of the folded fabric, with the fold on the left. Position the pencil at the bottom fold and mark a quarter circle. Cut on the line and open out to make a semi-circle. Do the same with light pink lining fabric.
2 Create a pocket in the same way as for the apron, using 20cm x 40cm each of floral print fabric and grey cotton for the lining. From
grey cotton, also cut three 10cm x width of fabric strips. Join two of them together for the apron frill and set aside.
Make the pocket frill by folding the remaining strip in half, wrong sides together, and press. With the right side of the pocket in front of you and starting at one edge, create 5cm pleats in the strip and pin
to the lower curved pocket edge, right sides facing. Trim of any excess length and tack the frill in place. Pin the outer pocket and lining right sides together, with the frill inside. Sew the curved lower edge using a 9mm seam allowance. Turn out and press. 

4 Cut a 5cm strip of bright pink cotton and use it to bind the pocket top. Sew with right sides facing to the lining side, then turn the
strip to the front and topstitch neatly in place, tucking the raw edges in at each end. Pin the pocket to the apron front, 8cm down from the top raw edge. Stitch in place by sewing 5mm either side of the frill and the pocket.
5 Fold the longer frill strip in half, wrong sides together, and press. Create pleats as before, 8cm apart. Pin, then tack to the
lower curved edge of the apron, right sides facing. Pin the apron front and lining right sides together with the frill inside. Sew the curved edge of the apron using a 9mm seam allowance. Leave the straight top edge open. Turn out and press. Topstitch the seam 9mm from the curved edge.
6 To make the waist tie, cut three 16cm x width of fabric strips from bright pink cotton. Join them together to make one
continuous piece. Press the seam allowances open. Fold the strip in half lengthways, right sides together, and sew down the long edge. Turn the strip out and centre the seam along the back. Press.
7 Turn the short raw edges of the strip in and press. Fold over the top raw edge of the apron by 2cm and press. Tack in place. Centre the waist tie onto the apron top edge, wrong side to right side. Make sure that the tacked top edge of the apron is 5mm down from the top of the waist tie. Pin then sew the waist band in place along the top edge. Remove the tacking, then topstitch all the way around the waist tie. 

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

An expert fashion designer explaining how to stitch a winter wrap shawl easily

Sew a stylish accessory to vamp up your wardrobe 

fashion desiner - winter shawl

Made from a length of fashionable checked wool, minimal stitching is needed to make Cheryl Owen’s shawl wrap. With a hint of vintage, it’s just the thing to take a roll neck and skirt to whole new levels. Pair with leather driving gloves for old-school glamour at its best! 

  • Wool fabric, 2m 
  • Medium weight fusible interfacing, 20cm x 25cm 
  • 70cm x 195cm 

 stitch a shawl 
  1. Cut a 10cm wide strip from one short edge of tweed fabric to leave a 75cm x 2m rectangle for the shawl. Set the strip aside. To hem, press under 1cm then 1.5cm on the short edges and stitch. Repeat on the long sides. 
  2. Cut two 8cm x 20cm rectangles fromthe fabric set aside and medium weight interfacing. Press the interfacing to the reverse. Pin and stitch the pieces together around the outer edges, right sides facing, using a 1cm seam allowance and leaving a gap. Turn out and press. Slipstitch the gap closed. 
  3. Slip the shawl over your shoulders with the short edges level, right side facing out. Fold back the inner long edge at the centre back 8cm to form a collar, pin in place. Remove the wrap and secure with a few stitches. 
  4. Referring to the diagram, pin the strap to the left-hand end of the shawl. Stitch in place close to the short edges then again, 6mm in. To wear, slip the right-hand end of the shawl through the strap, folding the fabric to lay in pleats. 

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Paris Fashion Week Dates announced 2016

Finally Paris Fashion Week dates announced

Men's Fashion Fall/Winter 2016
Paris Fashion Week (Mode à Paris)
Starts: 01/15/2016 12:00PM
Paris, Paris, France
Haute Couture
Paris Fashion Week (Mode à Paris)
Starts: 12/10/2015 8:00PM
Paris, Paris
Ready-to-Wear, Fall/Winter
Paris Fashion Week (Mode à Paris)
Starts: 12/10/2015 7:00PM
Paris, France
Men's Fashion, Spring/Summer 2017
Paris Fashion Week (Mode à Paris)
Starts: 06/15/2016 8:00PM
Paris, Paris
Ready-to-Wear Spring/Summer 2016 Collections
Paris Fashion Week (Mode à Paris)
Starts: 09/09/2016 7:00PM
Ends: 2016-10-07:00.000
Paris, Paris