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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Color Ideas to choose Sneakers for Men and Women:Fashion Blog Dubai

        Color Ideas to choose Sneakers for Men and Women
One of the most versatile footwear for both men and women are sneakers. Basic sneakers go with any dress for casual purposes. They can be worn with tailored trousers, denims, polos, t-shirts, chinos. Of recent times, sneaker trend has been thrust to the forefront by every fashion house and shoemakers across the globe for its smart and trendy look.

Sneaker shoes for every occasion:

Luxury sneakers are known for their distinct look, opulent designs and finishing’s.
Hi tech sneakers which are highly fashionable go well with long fitting clothing.
Hi fashion designer sneakers which match best with slim denim are a choice to many.
Current sport sneakers can be worn for gym and can be matched with chinos.
Classic sports sneakers are for everyday wear and they can be worn in different colors that match to your dress.

Shoes for men

You can shop sneakers online for both men and women on online stores. With footwear fashion extending beyond known limits, sneakers have become a common thing for men to be worn daily for casual comfort. As they can be paired with casual outfits and still give a smart look, they have become a great demand among men. To buy sneakers, you can opt for online shopping as they come in different colors, brands and designs. It becomes easy to make your choice.

Dominant Colors for your shoes

For a trendy sneaker design, colors play an important role. Some of the most dominant colors in the sneaker history are:

It is the most noticeable color in sneaker. This color attracts attention as it is eye catching and a highly sensitive color that is appealing to the human eye. Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse released in 2011 has this ever famous color.
Varsity red-

 It is vibrant and fresh color for your sneakers. Wearing this color on your feet could lend confidence and grace to your strides. You can see this hue on Nike Air Jordan 1.
Purple and Gold – 

These colors in combination work magic to your feet on the ground. Converse Weapon that was released in 1986 has this combination.
Tiffany Blue

It is color of success that is very pleasing to the eye. The sophisticated colorway on the sneakers gives a trendy look.
Pink flash

This bold color on your sneakers can convince people of your confidence and fashion statement.

Royal Blue – 

This is another bold sneaker color that you can choose to match your formal or casual wear. Many fashion footwear companies choose this color for their sneakers.
New Green

Shoes with these colorways have made new trends across fashion houses. Such fashionable high chroma fluorescent colors have become a must have for many now.

High in chroma, consistent and clean clearly dominates the sneaker design. It is a dominant color that goes well for any dress.
Eggplant or deep purple-

It is another color with a deep effect. It is bold and eye catching. Trying this color can add charm to your dressing. It also gives a sporty look. Nike Air Foamposite released in 2008 has this color. 


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